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New Interview on Self Publisher’s Showcase!

I answer questions for Self Publisher’s Showcase about my year as an author!
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A Response to Hate

Almost 120 million people voted. No matter what your political stance, that’s 120 million citizens, including your friends, family, and neighbors, that stood up to make a choice, each casting a vote for hope, a vote to improve this country. At 60 million a side, the fuzzy edges of our political system have been brought into sharp focus: we’re uncertain about our leaders and their methods, our present and our future, and now we’re uncertain of ourselves as a collective. Let’s not fracture our society further by building a wall between us, when it’s never been more obvious how important it is for us to work together. Irrespective of the tremendous promises made to the contrary, the issues that led to this result will not disappear tomorrow, in seventy days or the hundred that follow, or even in a single term. Working toward meaningful, lasting change is something we do every day, and something we’ve been working on for more than 238 years. We’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I like to think, some progress, and maybe even learned some things. One of the most important lessons is to not hate or wish violence on someone for not sharing your opinion. I strongly oppose Trump for many, I believe, rational reasons, but that does not mean I oppose my fellow voters, or wish them ill. It’s the opposite. I’m just afraid they’re wrong, but I hope for all of us, that I’m the one who’s wrong.


I am frequently frustrated by the propaganda around the importance of voting — no emphasis is placed on knowing anything about the measures, issues, or candidates. Is a vote cast in ignorance better than no vote? Social pressure puts you in a booth, ego kicks in, and it’s like you’re taking a test? If that’s the case, I think it’s like the SATs, and answering wrong is worse than not answering.
Maybe that analogy doesn’t hold, I’m not even sure how to test it. :-) But I do feel like voting for voting sake, thoughtlessly, makes you an extension of whichever arm of the political machine paid the most in your area, where you spend your time both physically and virtually, and encourages the buzz-wordy, nonsense driven propaganda to continue every year.
Inform yourself. Be skeptical. Question the issue as though you hold the opposite opinion. You don’t have to research every issue, but there is a high likelihood something on the ballot matters to you. Find out about it.
Punching a hole, filling a circle, or drawing a line on a ballot? That’s the easy part.

Sharing means caring. ;-)

During creation, an artist must not worry what the audience will think; it is that mentality which differentiates art from entertainment. Although, each can certainly fuel the other, and are by no means mutually exclusive, art emerges from an overwhelming desire to share something so profoundly personal that the recognition of the work, the reflection in a stranger’s eyes, forges a deep, intimate, and irrefutable connection, and through that conduit, we are no longer alone. An artist chases that connection at the cost of all else. It is the only drug of consequence.

Imagine Flight

I can’t be all of me anywhere I go

So parts of me that need to show

Rise up

To overpower the me’s in view

But I’ve maybe found another way

A way not to burn the bridges but instead

Escape their existence

Take flight

But I can’t break free of you

You’re the only thing

When I’m looking back

In time, in the mirror

You’re the only thing

I regret leaving behind

And I scream, hand to the glass

And I scream, but there is no relief

And I fall, I’m all out of sound

But the other me’s are here

Staring down the future

Claiming no other way out

But maybe they’re wrong

Maybe they’re scared

They’re wrong

Maybe they don’t know

They’re wrong

Something has to give

Even if they’re wrong

Or I’ll be gone from me.

Paris Je t’aime

Quoting a great friend of mine,

…the immediate destruction and loss of life is horrific, but I think the real attack is worse because of how widespread and insidious the effects are…
and that’s the fear it generates which leads to hate and willingness to sacrifice freedom.
We cannot allow our freedoms to be sacrificed. Decisions forged from steel resolve not from fear… and no quarter for those responsible.

Quick Update

Haven’t said much about it, but I’m actively working on a illustrated novel for children. I’m really proud of it:-). Looking at a release in the fall of next year. The hardest part is scheduling some short story time–I’ve released a few recently on my website–and novel writing time for Clay. It’s an amazing feeling to have so many different creative projects working at once! Scary too… but mostly amazing:-P

Fun Dreams

A couple of nights ago, I woke up from a dream about zombies. :-). Zombies are pretty popular, so that’s not too surprising. The gist of the dream was that a few of us “survivors” had hidden away our infected friends and family down in a cavern (the mouth of the cave was an old cassette player in a small stereo… don’t ask, it’s a dream), years ago. Well, the survivors went their own ways, and I was left to live and mind the zombies. That’s when the dream actually “begins” for me.

So, basically, I killed all the zombies except my dog and I kept him alive by periodically tricking people into going into the cavern to rescue him–he was always whimpering and you could hear it through the stereo, I mean, through the entrance to the cavern.

I was running out of people to feed to my dog, and finally had to resort to calling the old survivors back to the site. They thought that the zombies must have all surely died by then, but they could hear the dog crying in the night. I told them that he always whimpered like that, and that it was getting to me and begged them to help me silence him finally.

Naturally, I fed them to my dog:-). Anyway, all of that, plus some recent reading, inspired this short story: Immortality.

In the meantime…

I’ve got a couple of short stories in the works as well as my new novel, but life stuff has 20130527_121935slowed me down, so I don’t have a new story to post today. In the meantime though, if you haven’t been outside lately in the bay area… holy S%@! the place is gorgeous right now. I haven’t traveled north of the Golden Gate recently, but I can personally confirm that everything from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay to Saratoga to Santa Cruz is spectacular right now. Get outside and enjoy it! Or at least, you know, crack a window open or something:-).

I took this picture a few days ago, and it pretty much exemplifies what I’m seeing and how amazingly bright the world has been lately.

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