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Recently, Paul from Selfpublishersshowcase.com interviewed me. It was really fun, sometimes difficult, but definitely exciting. I was blown away by how relevant the questions were. I genuinely feel as though Paul has taken a personal interest in his author’s and their writing, and that is a really good feeling. Anyway, check out the interview.


First Professional Review of Fallen Spire!

Indiereader.com posted a professional review of Fallen Spire today! Not the stars I was hoping to receive, but the review is positive overall. I clipped a bit from it and pasted it below. You can read the full review here.

This is an enigmatic book, full of symbolism and meaning hidden just underneath the surface. The author is a fine descriptive writer, and manages to portray a dystopian future or alternate universe (it’s rather unclear which) with disturbing force. The world portrayed is complicated, intriguingly different from and yet similar to our own, and deserves even greater exploration than the author devotes to it. The characters, plot and context are multifaceted, mysterious, and revealed to us in passing glimpses, intriguing the reader and leading us to go on in hopes of learning more.

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