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Short Story Fun and Feedback

Over the last week, I released a short story to a handful of friends. The first set of feedback came through and I made several edits, making the story much tighter and much better. However, I sent the new version to one more group, and… well, now I’m considering scrapping the whole thing and starting over. <= That’s not a negative response, I’m just looking at the story in a new way, and I’m not sure which way I like it better.

After some consideration, I decided that I should publish the first version irrespective of whether or not I ever release the new version. Why not give a little more insight into how my writing process works? Did you know that I frequently edit from last paragraph to first? I do.

Anyway, Corporate Life is here:-). I hope you like it!

Also, been working hard on independent contract writing work, which has been great, but do details to report yet. I hope to put in some more time on Clay soon as well.

Thanks for reading!


Recently, Paul from Selfpublishersshowcase.com interviewed me. It was really fun, sometimes difficult, but definitely exciting. I was blown away by how relevant the questions were. I genuinely feel as though Paul has taken a personal interest in his author’s and their writing, and that is a really good feeling. Anyway, check out the interview.


So few updates… sorry:-)

I’ve been working full time for the last month on several short stories and concepts all as a work-for-hire gig. The project has been a lot of fun so far, and I’m excited to see where it all goes!

It’s still pretty early in development, and so there isn’t much to share really. Also, all of my efforts are under a standard work-for-hire paradigm, so the work belongs to the investor as it should… not my place to share. Suffice it say though, it’s been great and I’m going to continue with the project for as long as there is interest.

I’m learning a great deal and challenging myself, so no matter what, my writing skills are being tested, shaped, and improved.

Oh, and I still managed to get in some work on, Clay. Super excited about that!

And my side project with friends involving pirates<=out of my element, but still pretty fun> received a large chunk of my time as well.

Anyway, thought I’d explain my relative absence. I tend to update facebook and twitter more often than here, because I can send out tiny bits about anything on my mind without editing… much:-P.

Damn, almost forgot! I was reading a lot too (when I wasn’t playing Steam games… summer sale is awesome).

Metagame <= fun, interesting, ultimately not really my style.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency <= read it years ago, and thought it was time to return. Great book. Funny, but also with several bits of relevant satire. Recommend it for the Electric Monk alone.

Zap Gun another piece of Philip Dick’s brilliance and I love it.

Okay. Caught up! back to work!


Self Publisher’s Showcase!

Logo-HeaderToday, Self Publisher’s Showcase website launched. It is a site dedicated to showing off the talents of independently published authors. I’m proud to say that one of my short stories is featured (YAY!), and that there are new blurbs about each of my books, as well as a new author bio on the site.

Now that I’ve pimped myself… what I really want to say is how easy and fun it was to work with the website. I contacted them through twitter, @SelfPubShowcase, and mentioned that I was a new author interested in their website. Basically, we chatted online and through email a little bit, and then I received a detailed list of what they needed from me to appear on the site. What was amazing was that with all of the submissions I’m sure they received, they went through mine in detail, and gave quality feedback. Anyway, I highly recommend contacting them, either over twitter @SelfPubShowcase, or directly through their website, Self Publisher’s Showcase, if you are interested getting yourself out into the world as an independent author. They also have a facebook page.

Finally, if you’re just looking for something new to read, the website is a great place to go to learn about up and coming authors, read interviews and reviews of their works, and maybe find a new favorite. We’re out there and we’re looking to connect to our audience!

As always… you can contact me any time… links to contact information should all be on the right column of this page. Enjoy! Happy reading!

A new bit

I wrote several sections of a novel over the last several years, none of which have ever been released. I’ve tossed around the idea of formally tying up the loose ends on and off, but I’m never interested enough in the long form of the story to do the work. On the other hand, I really like some of the small moments in the work and I’ve grabbed an excerpt to share called, Bleeding the Canvas. It’s not really my style of writing anymore, but I think there are still some relevant points, and overall, I’m glad I wrote it. :-).

It’s a strong emotional expression as told by a man writing to himself in an insane asylum. Enjoy.

Writing Lately

In the last month or so, I’ve been distracted. Whenever I sit down to write–I just want to work on my new novel–but I can’t get my brain to settle into the story because I’m too busy burning cycles on what it means to me to experience art in general.

Another distraction

I don’t know what it means, but I know I’m in love with music, paintings, writing, movies, and friends that scratch at my brain. Most of it is honestly, pretty f’n depressing, but somehow it makes me feel amazing. The problem is that I get so immersed in my experiences that I drift away from the work I’m doing. I know that one feeds the other, but striking the balance lately has been more difficult than usual. The funny thing is, I’m not looking for inspiration–I have more than I’ve ever had before–instead, I’m so inspired that I want to be out in the world bouncing off of every bright color, falling with every leaf, fighting for every cause.

But there are others out there, already brilliantly filling the niches, lighting the dark corners of our social consciousness and sometimes, just making beauty from their lips, hips, or fingertips. So many artists and I want to shout to all of them, “Thank you!”

And then quietly, get back to work:).

Update: New Short Story, “Gypsy”

I wrote Gypsy in response to meeting a beautiful woman in San Francisco. Strong-willed, artistic, intelligent, and captivating, I felt electrified by her presence. Of course, the short story becomes completely fantastic at some point, but that’s me:). Even among my most trusted friends, I frequently feel a sense of paranoia, that they know my mind, or have plans for me, or are trying to use me. It’s not that I always believe it is something bad they have planned, but more that the words they are using can be interpreted too many different ways, and I start spinning multiple threads of their intentions in my head. Any of which might be real…

Update: New Essay, “A Modesty Proposal”

I wrote, A Modesty Proposal, to describe how much it bothers me when people get caught up in issues like over-sized breasts in videogames, and end up more focused on the breasts than the real issue of fragile self-worth in our culture. I think it is a more difficult topic, and certainly more difficult to address, but ultimately cultivating strength of character in our children and friends as individuals is the answer.

The media will change when we do.

Update: New Short Story “Priceless”

Years ago, I lived in a house with several really close friends. None of us had any money, and I was working graveyard at a gas station to pay rent and buy food. I don’t remember what the others were doing to get by, but we all managed well enough.

Working the night shift introduced me to some interesting people, many homeless, often drunk. In my sleep-deprived state–I wasn’t able to sleep during the day–I started absorbing the lives those people shared with me. I talked to them nightly, and drifted into a confusing haze during the day where I was unsure of everything. Eventually, my night and day life merged and I was sure that I was one of the people I had met, and that believing I held a job at the gas station was a self-deception, delusion. I returned every night not because I had the job, but because the clerk liked talking to me. The roles kept flipping.

Anyway, The end result of the experience was the short story, Priceless. I’ve looked at it several times over the intervening years, and inevitably, it helps me remember what it is like to be deeply confused, and desperate for a coherent life thread.

Writing about writing?

Every time I sit down to write this post I spin myself around in circles, and make myself dizzy with the task. I changed the title so many times that to count the versions would be ridiculous. To argue the merits of one title or another? Absurd.

The problem is that I don’t know how to write about writing. The request to write about writing seems reasonable at first glance, but a little more inspection reveals something odd about it. Consider the analogies; ask a sculptor to sculpt about sculpting. What does that mean? Ask a painter to paint how to paint. The request seems silly because that isn’t how we explain art to one another. Instead, we break down art and Wordsreframe it and reorganize it into language. Words for oils, words for materials, words for sounds. Writers, critics, and fans all share our experiences of art with words. My point is that the creation of music is different from the discussion of music; writing a story different from sharing its critical analysis. The skills are not the same. Still, I’m here and I want to share.

So, what can I write about writing? I can tell you that I am passionate about it. I can tell you that each day I return to a given page I discover something new in my reaction to it that drives me to make changes. I tether myself down to a keyboard and then I throw soft, new, sharp, jagged, and rusted words at the page until it looks the way I think it should. Then I read it and see how I react. I don’t stop re-writing and re-reading until the emotion I’m striving to express is conjured inside of me consistently. Inevitably, I fail because I change. But the hope is to find a combination that stays true the longest, or unfolds in new meaningful ways when I return to it. I want my audience to feel something, maybe not what I felt, but something strong. The hope is for connection. That’s the writing, that’s me.

What I’m really trying to say with this post is that I love discussing art. I want to share what various artists have done to me and for me in my life. But I’m not sure I can do better than sharing my own art… what have all of those amazing people done to me, how have the affected me? They made me an author. I’m eternally grateful for it. I strive to improve my writing as a a compliment to all of them. I want to show them what they’ve done for me.

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