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Fun Dreams

A couple of nights ago, I woke up from a dream about zombies. :-). Zombies are pretty popular, so that’s not too surprising. The gist of the dream was that a few of us “survivors” had hidden away our infected friends and family down in a cavern (the mouth of the cave was an old cassette player in a small stereo… don’t ask, it’s a dream), years ago. Well, the survivors went their own ways, and I was left to live and mind the zombies. That’s when the dream actually “begins” for me.

So, basically, I killed all the zombies except my dog and I kept him alive by periodically tricking people into going into the cavern to rescue him–he was always whimpering and you could hear it through the stereo, I mean, through the entrance to the cavern.

I was running out of people to feed to my dog, and finally had to resort to calling the old survivors back to the site. They thought that the zombies must have all surely died by then, but they could hear the dog crying in the night. I told them that he always whimpered like that, and that it was getting to me and begged them to help me silence him finally.

Naturally, I fed them to my dog:-). Anyway, all of that, plus some recent reading, inspired this short story: Immortality.

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