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Science behind Insider Trading

Some friends helped furnish links with respect to my short story, Insider Trading. I’m still interested in re-working the story, but it was great to get such a response for the work, and to be directed to current research on the topic of brain activity at “near-death.”

Here are the links!



Thank you, Aaron and Jason;-).

Published a new short story

This one is final:-). Thank you to all of my friends who helped edit Insider Trading. It’s wonderful to have so much support, and so many people willing to read and comment on my work.

Special thanks to Kylie, Joe, Zeke, Simon, Mark, Josh, Katherine, Scott, Evangeline for being great sounding boards, editors, and supporters!

Anyway, check it out. Short read, and I think worth your time.


Short Story Fun and Feedback

Over the last week, I released a short story to a handful of friends. The first set of feedback came through and I made several edits, making the story much tighter and much better. However, I sent the new version to one more group, and… well, now I’m considering scrapping the whole thing and starting over. <= That’s not a negative response, I’m just looking at the story in a new way, and I’m not sure which way I like it better.

After some consideration, I decided that I should publish the first version irrespective of whether or not I ever release the new version. Why not give a little more insight into how my writing process works? Did you know that I frequently edit from last paragraph to first? I do.

Anyway, Corporate Life is here:-). I hope you like it!

Also, been working hard on independent contract writing work, which has been great, but do details to report yet. I hope to put in some more time on Clay soon as well.

Thanks for reading!

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