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Published on: April 22, 2013

So, I’m having some fun reading tips for writing. I’ve honestly never looked out into the world of authors for tips from them directly… it’s interesting. Of course, I have heard tips from time to time, and when I was first trying to find a publisher for Evening Breezes more than a decade ago, there were tips everywhere including a Writer’s Digest guide that I’d purchased at the time. Nevertheless, all I took from it was that every author had his or her own idea about how to write. The only rule that held true–and I feel still holds true–is that you have to write and keep writing. The rest is well, it’s up to you.

I guess that would be my tip to aspiring authors: Tips, like all writing, exist to provoke thought; read, think, assimilate, think, reject, think, experiment, think, discover.

Check out these tips from some of the greats! I enjoyed thinking about them.

Neil Gaiman’s 8
Kurt Vonnegut’s 8

More can be found at Brain Pickings–where I lifted them from in the first place.

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