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Tips and Twitters as Novel Commodities

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Published on: May 16, 2013

Taking a moment here to be a dick:

I may have mislead some of you with an earlier post on this blog regarding “Tips.” I successwant to apologize for being too nice in that post;-). Seriously, the post was meant to explain that budding authors should not pay too much attention to bullet-pointed rules for success. Read them with polite skepticism and take what you can from them; remember that the reason those authors were asked for tips is because no one else can quantify quite what they’ve done. Look deeper and you’ll find most have broken some rules, probably even their own.

Also, I don’t blame people for looking for answers! F. We’re all trying to learn from one another… that’s awe-inspiring. It’s amazing that so much of what we do everyday, what we learn everyday, can be shared so easily! Communication mediums are AMAZING today; thank you, science!

So, what am I feeling particularly dickish about? This all sounds pretty good? Well, here it is: personally, I’m f’n sick of all the, “<X> Tips for a successful <Y>!” I can’t help but feel as though many of the authors of those kinds of posts are full of themselves, and full of shit. Not all of them, but come on… how many things that you really care about can be boiled down to a Tip list? And have you read some of the Tips? It’s like listening to an interview between periods of hockey:

“What will you do in the third, Coach?”

“We need to

1) skate harder, and

2) improve our passing.

They really exploited us in our zone… we need to

3) improve our Defense, and

4) get the puck out of our zone, and

5) put it on net. Gotta put more pucks on net.”

Right. So, you are going to play hockey, and ideally, play better than the other team. Yeah. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO THAT!? Well, the coach isn’t going to tell you that, and neither are the condensed theories you read as tips.


Oh, and also, I don’t want to buy your book of tweets. Ever. I don’t care how funny they were, or insightful, or whatever. I might read them, and even sincerely enjoy them, but when you package them up in a book format, I suddenly feel exploited and angry about it.


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