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Published on: May 20, 2013

My good friend, Joe Garhan, and I have worked together on several projects, both professionally and as hobbyists. Although he has put his writing aside to pursue other creative interests–he’s an animator and game designer, and he did the cover art work for both Spire, and Fallen Spire–I carried on with a short story that was born of one of our conversations.

Actually, Bella is more than a short story, it’s a treatment for a novel. When Joe and I were working on writing together regularly, we were really enjoying the idea of simple treatments for any concepts we thought would work well as novels. Effectively, the challenge was to put to paper any idea that came up in conversation and see if we still liked it. The collaboration was fun, and I still use the practice of writing short–but complete–glimpses into the worlds and characters of my future novels. Not only is it a great way to test if the idea is worth continuing, but also it helps formalize the concept; it helps a lot more than just taking a couple of abstract notes.

Someday, when he is done conquering the world–or whatever he is doing–I think Joe and I might actually co-author something. In the meantime, check out Bella. I hope you like it.

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