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New Portrait! Update.

Just added another portrait, A.K.. Please check it out. Again, it’s another personal piece that maybe I had to do for me more than anyone else. I haven’t shared this one yet with the subject… always worry about that:-). I don’t think it can ever be perfect and sometimes, the imperfections are what make it right.

As far as other works are concerned, still cooking Beneath the Fall at a steady boil. So much is going on! Can’t express it all here, but damn exciting! Along those lines, I’ll be finishing up my last portrait for awhile, J.M., in the next day or so. After that, I’m going all in on Beneath the Fall!! Still trying to make it out this year!

Thank you!

Positive Feedback

Closing the loop on some stellar feedback from the early reviewers of, Beneath the Fall, my current project: received some phenomenal and helpful criticism as well as a lot of praise for the work so far!!! I’m stoked, and so is the rest of the team! I’m dabbling with some changes/revisions to the first chapter which resulted in a possible side-story for later (completed), and some new ideas (WIP). Continuing to work with new artists, trying to find the right fit. All in all, going better than I hoped!

The rest of the story is developing as well, putting the finishing touches on the eleventh chapter today, about 150 pages in… still going strong.

I’ve also put some more time into some deeply personal works, the portraits I promised in my last update. The two finished works have been given to their subjects, and the experience–sharing their portraits with them–was indescribable. I’m really proud to release them here. I know I said I’d have three, but I have two others in progress, and neither is ready for prime time:-P.

Anyway, check out D. and K.!


Sneak Peek of Beneath the Fall

Finished up the sneak peek version of Beneath the Fall, a Sun Born Story. (Names are first pass… we’ll see what sticks, but those are the favorites so far.)

I’m extremely excited to pass along the work to others and get some feedback. It’s different for me to be developing a project this way, with so much collaborative effort, but it’s good for me.

Also, I finished my first in a series of “portraits.” The first one is titled, “D.” I haven’t posted it yet, but when I complete the next two, I’ll open up a new section on this website and announce them on facebook. We’ll see if anyone else likes them, but they mean a lot to me, and I just need to write them, regardless.

Anyway, that’s the update! If you want to be on the list for the sneak peek, just write me, aaron.safronoff@aaronsafronoff.com.

Quick Update

Haven’t said much about it, but I’m actively working on a illustrated novel for children. I’m really proud of it:-). Looking at a release in the fall of next year. The hardest part is scheduling some short story time–I’ve released a few recently on my website–and novel writing time for Clay. It’s an amazing feeling to have so many different creative projects working at once! Scary too… but mostly amazing:-P

Looking for my Short Stories?

I’m trying out some new advertising and looking to guide people who have landed here to the content!


(Page contains links to all of my short stories, essays, and ramblings.)

So, feel free to check some or all of them out. :). I’m adding brief descriptions–very brief–to each right now to help you select.


(The latest short story.)

Definitely feel free to follow me on Twitter, check out my Facebook page, or connect with me directly via email, aaron.safronoff@aaronsafronoff.com.

Enjoy the reads!

New short story published, Eventuality

Eventuality went live today on Self Publisher’s Showcase! I’m pretty happy with this story because I think I’ve woven a few different themes together well, and that the questions it raises do not take away from the fun of the story as it is.

Anyway, the story is also an explanation of how I feel about time: if anything/anyone ever learns to manipulate it directly, then we are already experiencing those effects today. Consciousness is just the timeline we tend to stay on, and sometimes we all meet up:-). If time travel exists? It already will have has happened before.

As always, you can write me at aaron.safronoff@aaronsafronoff.com if you’d like to speak to me directly about this story or any material in the Shorts section, or if you want to tell me to get another drink.

Thank you!

Overdue Update

It’s been too long since my last blog update. Sorry. In personal news, I finally have internet again, but I need to finish running the wires throughout the house, which I’m doing today.

I realized that the cafe job, as much as I loved it, was taking too much time away from my writing job, and ultimately too much time away from my personal writing. I no longer work at Coffeetopia, but it was amazing and I’d go back in a heartbeat. I’m thinking about writing there in the mornings. So far my schedule hasn’t worked out to support that, but I’ll get it in-line soon.

Several new ideas for short stories have been ricocheting around my noggin for the last few weeks, and I’m putting words to one of them today. Should be able to release it soon. The title is, Eventuality. The story is about Sam and Ralph, designers who work at a node in Space-Time. The rest will be in the story…

My work on the graphic novel with Nemrac and The Benefactor continues, and is in full swing again after lots of life interruptions. The interruptions were all wonderful things… no complaints:-). Birthdays, concerts, Halloween Pirate Extravaganza–helping a team of people put together gigantic displays! A boat, a tower, handing out candy, collection food drive donations!–and moving and all that. Anyway, November 1st put me back on full time graphic novel work, and it’s going well.

Now, back to work.


At my work having all kinds of problems with the internet, but posting a new short story and a new Echo Chamber.


Sorry for the lack of posts!

I’ve been displaced for the last several weeks, working out of a tiny suitcase, and travelling.

Everything is good, and I’ve managed to do some work on Pirating side projects, as well as short story and essay ideas, but the main thrust of my effort has been on my current writing job–still not much to disclose there, but the artist involved, Carmen Sinek, is putting together some amazing and inspiring early concepts.

Anyway, I didn’t forget about this page! I’m going to finish my re-write of Corporate Life soon, and I promise it will appear here for free, as always. You can’t stop the signal;-)

Science behind Insider Trading

Some friends helped furnish links with respect to my short story, Insider Trading. I’m still interested in re-working the story, but it was great to get such a response for the work, and to be directed to current research on the topic of brain activity at “near-death.”

Here are the links!



Thank you, Aaron and Jason;-).

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